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How does Agreena's platform work?
How does Agreena's platform work?
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How does Agreena carbon farming work?

When entering the programme, the participants are asked to provide a set of data about their fields and descriptions of their current cultivation practices, based on which we calculate the emissions of their practices before entering the programme.

The participants then define a strategy for their transition to regenerative practices to quantify an estimate of their reduction potential. Here, farmers can get advisor support to choose the best practices by contacting Agreena. They can also choose to work with their own advisor, who can create an advisor profile on the AgreenaCarbon platform.

By continuously updating their field data throughout the harvest year, we can then refine our calculations and submit their effective reductions for certification, which are 3rd party verified.

At the end of the year, we issue CO2e certificates (one (1) certificate represents one (1) ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)) which they can choose to keep or sell through our platform.

As our programme aims at long-term climate-friendly changes, we follow the participants over 10 years, thus allowing them to both improve their economic and environmental sustainability.

Does it sound like something you could benefit from? Read about how you can enter the AgreenaCarbon programme! ๐ŸŒฑ

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