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Entering the Programme
Entering the Programme

What are the necessary steps to enrol?

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The Programme runs on a yearly calendar, following the rhythm of the seeding and harvest seasons:

  1. Sign-up to the Agreena platform.

  2. Add fields and fill in Field Data & Field Strategies to see a rough potential baseline for your land.

  3. Submit your strategies: Make a final field plan and submit your Field Strategies for validation.

  4. Have a validation meeting with a member of our team, where you run through your plan, have your questions answered, and can discuss contract options.

  5. Sign your contract and pay your Carbon Premium platform subscription.

  6. Continuously update your cultivation data: Harvest according to the new strategies and continuously update your Field actuals.

  7. Certify your harvest: You end the year by submitting the field actuals when the harvest is over. Each of your data submissions is verified via satellite data, quantification algorithms, and potential on-site visits (which are announced beforehand).

  8. Receive your certificates: Upon successful verification, we issue certificates according to your contract. The certificates are accessible on the platform.

  9. Receive your certificates payment: If you choose to sell your certificates through Agreena, we simply sell the certificates and you receive the payout.

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