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What is a carbon certificate?
What is a carbon certificate?

Carbon certificate, also known as a CO2eq certificate, equivalent to 1 tonne of CO2 sequestered.

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AgreenaCarbon Certificates is a sellable commodity representing the storage or reduction of 1 tonne of CO2eq greenhouse gases.

They can be used in multiple forms:

  1. Carbon certificates can be kept for future trading.

  2. Carbon certificates can be sold to buyers (direct or through a broker), who want to either support the Agriculture industry or offset/inset their own emissions (and claim CO2eq neutrality).
    - If certificates are sold directly to a buyer, the buyer needs to be vetted by Agreena to ensure that they are on a CO2-neutral path.

  3. Carbon certificates can also be sold in combination with your crops 'down the supply chain' to increase the price of a harvested crop and the following product (Typically sold as a "CO2eq" premium or a CO2eq reduced product, similar to organic premium).

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