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Creating multiple fields & sending special request forms
Creating multiple fields & sending special request forms
Written by Amaury de Dietrich
Updated over a week ago

Disclaimer: This article was published on the 12th of July in 2022 and may therefore not be 100% accurate in the future.

Our latest updates make it easier for you to create multiple fields with just a few clicks and offer you the possibility to send Agreena special requests in the case of field amendments, exemptions, and contract updates.

Bulk creation of fields

Because we believe your time is precious and you need to spend most of it out in the fields, this update allows you to create up to 200 fields at the same time, making the process of adding fields to the platform much faster.

In the “My farms” tab, after accessing one of your farms and clicking the “+ Add a field” button, you can choose how many fields you would like to create.

The information needed on each field is Field name, Field size, and Field location. The location pin should be set in the middle of a field:

The pins can be moved around the map and fields can be deleted from the in-bulk creation using the “X” button.

When clicking the “Finish” button, the system will create the fields that had all the necessary data and discard the incomplete ones. Please be aware of potential errors you should avoid, like using identical names for two fields or not adding all the required information for the fields.

Note: When you choose the fields you want to add to the platform, please remember that the cultivation practices should be uniform all throughout the field (i.e. same tilling practice, cover crops adoption and main crop).

Special requests

We know that not every year is the same and that, as a farmer, flexibility is key. Therefore, we wanted to ensure that you have as much flexibility within the programme as possible.

This new feature allows you to send us requests if you need to:

  • merge, subdivide, or modify the partial usage of one or more fields that are already contracted

  • send an exemption request, when circumstances change and you need to rely on some non-regenerative farming practices

  • request any modifications to your active contracts with Agreena, like switching from Vesting to a Fixed Contract, Yearly Opt-Out, Transfer of ownership, and Contract Termination

If you would like to solicit any of the abovementioned requests, you can find the “Special requests” button in the “Need help?” area of the main menu:

You will then see the following three options:

Once you open any of the forms, your email address will be pre-filled with the one you used to create your profile. You will need to fill out the remaining fields, thus sending us the necessary information in order to understand and process your request.

After you submit a form, our team will contact you to ask for more information in order to process your request in the best possible way.

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