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๐ŸŒพ Farming Practices

Does the AgreenaCarbon programme exclude the use of any manures?

Manures are welcomed and incentivised through the programme. This means that, if you use manures (instead of fertilisers), you will earn reductions & certificates for this.

It seems like I cannot change the Field Definition once it has been saved. What if a situation arises where the pH level changes due to adding lime or any other reason?

Field definition is used to set & calculate the baseline - this will and should not be updated throughout the programme period as the potentials are calculated back to the baseline from when the contract was entered.

How do I know if I should choose no-till or min. till?

The definition of no-till is, that a maximum of 25 % of the soil on the surface is disturbed, in line with the guidelines of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization). So if you have 12,5 cm between each disc or tine, it is no-till if the width of the tine is less than 3,1 cm.

Permanent land cannot be part of the programme. What is the definition?

If youโ€™re not allowed to choose by yourself what kind of crop type you want to grow and/or what cultivating practice you want to use, then it will be permanent land in our terminology and cannot be part of the program.

๐Ÿ“ƒ Certificates Issuance and Brokerage

What happens to the certificates once they have been issued?

Every AgreenaCarbon user has a personal Registry in which the certificates will be stored. This registry will also be linked to our public ledger, which means that we will track the full life of a certificate, including when it has been sold.

What is the Public Ledger?

Our Public Ledger is our certificate issuance and trading solution. It is not yet available on the platform but will be used to keep a transparent overview of all the certificates that have been issued by Agreena and what their status is (sold, available, expired, etc). This is an important tool for the programme as it is where the validity and quality of the certificates will be traced and guaranteed.

At the end of the period, does any amount left in the Buffering Account become a windfall to AgreenaCarbon?

The buffer is not to be paid out in any way to Agreena, but will stay as part of the programme buffer. If there will be some certificates left over we will work on a solution to issue the remaining certificates in a fair way.

๐Ÿ“ Terms & Conditions

Why does Agreena reserve the right to change the methodology at will and how does it impact the programme participants?

It is necessary for us to be able to modify our methodology at will, as we're very conscious to stay up to date with current regulations but also scientific research.

However, we understand that users might want to withdraw from the scheme due to a changed methodology for example.

This is why, in order to ensure the permanence of the carbon storage while offering maximum flexibility, we are also offering a Monitoring Programme, which allows participants to keep all earned certificates to leave the contract without breaching it.

Read more on Leaving the Programme

If we have a field of 50 hectares where only 25 hectares are producing wheat, in that particular year do we only pay for monitoring on the 25 hectares?

If you from the beginning have participated with 50 hectares and have got issued certificates from all 50 hectares, then youยดll have to pay the monitoring fee for all 50 hectares if you are leaving the programme, also in case you only have sold certificates from the 25 hectares of the field in the last year before leaving.

A farmer (Peter) has a farm of 600 ha. He has 4 children - each of them manages 100 of these ha. and thus has the responsibility of those ha. (Peter manages the remaining 200 ha).
Do each child and Peter have to have an account (in total 5)? Or can they share one?
They have individual CVR numbers for the 4 "farms".

If the farmer wishes to enter legal contracts on behalf of all farms, he can simply sign up with one user and create multiple farms. If they need to sign the contract individually, they need to create multiple accounts.

Question on article 4.3 from our Terms & Conditions:

"After the end of the Crediting Term of the Contract and until the end of the Permanence period applicable to your Certificates, You shall maintain, preserve and protect the soil carbon sequestration that You have achieved during the Crediting Term."

What does that mean to me as a farmer?

Even though the permanence period is 25 years, we do not demand you to comply with the minimum standards etc. after the end of the contract and there are no sanctions hereafter. The buffer will ensure the permanence period after the end of the contract.

Question on article 8.3 from our Terms & Conditions:
If I stop paying my subscription I lose all rights to any Carbon Credits issued by you. Does the title to the credits not pass to me?

The title to the credits is passed to you, but regarding clause 23.3 we can require you to either replace the certificates or compensate with the value of the certificates, that are cancelled because of a breach.

Question on article 19.1 from our Terms & Conditions:

What does โ€œknow your customer proceduresโ€ mean?

It simply states that at all times your information as a user of our platform must be up to date (i.e. your phone number, e-mail address and so on).

Question on article 21.1 from our Terms & Conditions:

What does โ€œcontract renewalโ€ mean?

First of all, renewal is after the full contract period has ended. It is assumed that most soils will have reached their maximum amount of carbon after 20 years. Therefore, you can renew a 10-year contract once and a 5-year contract three times.

All renewals are subject to our approval.

Question on article 23.3 from our Terms & Conditions:

What is the difference between bullet 2 (All certificates in your account on the platform are cancelled immediately)
and bullet 4 (you are required to either (i) replace cancelled certificates ... or (ii) compensate Agreena the value of cancelled Certificates...)?

Bullet 2 is regarding certificates that have not been sold yet, and bullet 4 is regarding already sold certificates.

Question on article 23.3 from our Terms & Conditions:

In case of breach of the contract, the farmers have to pay back the certificates of the last 36 months at which price exactly?

It will be to the same price as the certificates originally were sold to or if not known, the average prices of the sold certificates through the carbon programme.

Question on article 28.3 from our Terms & Conditions:
Implies you can change your terms at will and I would have no redress?

Firstly, just to give some insights on the reasoning behind 28.3, this point is necessary for the programme in order for us to stay up to date on current regulations - we will need to adjust our methodology accordingly. If you want to withdraw from the scheme due to e.g. changed methodology you can do so, but in order to keep all earned certificates, you will be asked to pay a monitoring fee for the rest of the contract time. This is to ensure the permanence of the sold carbon storage.

Agreena Platform

Can I pay by invoice?

Unfortunately, we can only handle payments by credit card at the moment, but we are working on a solution to handle invoice payments as well.

Do I have to fill in all my single fields or can I bundle a group of fields with the same crop rotation?

No, as we need to know the specific field and the specific GPS coordinates, regarding satellite verification, you need to add all single fields to the platform. To make it easier, you can use the duplicate function and add one field, and duplicate it to several fields after. After that, you only have to change the size of the field, the name and location.

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