The AgreenaCarbon programme includes 3 types of fees:

  1. The Subscription to Carbon Premium, which allows you to access the digital platform and add the data needed for reduction quantifications

  2. The Issuance Fees, which is collected at the moment where the certificates are issued, and

  3. The Brokerage Fees, only applicable in the case that the certificate's holder wishes to sell their certificates through the Agreena platform.

Additionally, we apply a non-permanence buffer, which ensures the high quality and long term validity of the certificates.

The Subscription

To participate in the programme, you first need to enrol into the Carbon Premium subscription, which costs approximately 100€/month, depending on whether you chose a monthly or yearly subscription.

The Issuance Fees

In order to avoid participants from pre-investing in the programme before receiving any certificates, we collect an issuance fee of 15% at the time of certification.

This fee allows us to cover our costs for onboarding, verification, certification and issuance of the certificates.

The Brokerage Fees

When a participant receives their certificates at the end of the harvest year, they are offered to either:

  • Sell the certificates through Agreena's trading platform, in exchange for a 15% brokerage fee, or;

  • Keep the certificates (or manage them without Agreena's intervention, with or without the help of their distributors).

What kind of contract can you opt for? Read about the 3 types of AgreenaCarbon contracts to find out!

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